Ghana insurance industry selected to bid for international conference

As Africa gets set to host the 17th edition of the International Conference on Inclusive Insurance for 2021, two countries have indicated their interest to bid for the hosting rights. The countries are Ghana from West Africa and Rwanda from East Africa. The conference is being coordinated by the Munich Re Foundation.

Inclusive Insurance is the new name for Micro Insurance, which is mostly sold to informal sector operatives. Ghana, in preparedness to host the conference, has already set up an eight-member Local Organising Committee (LOC).

Members of this committee have been selected from the Regulatory Body, National Insurance Commission (NIC), Ghana Insurers Association (GIA) and the Insurance Brokers Association of Ghana (IBAG) to make sure Ghana wins the bid.

The LOC members are being led by experienced hands like Kofi Andoh, Deputy Commissioner-NIC; and others like Fiifi Simpson, Managing Director-GN Life; and Kofi Ampaw, Managing Director-Alpha Insurance Brokers.

The LOC from Ghana has already held initial meetings to select a venue for the conference, and is expected to end by close of the month. B&FT learnt that the decision for the conference venue, which will make a difference for the bidding process, will be made by the Munich Re Foundation.

According to coordinators, selection of a suitable venue with excellent infrastructure is expected to be completed by September 15, 2021. The coordinators’ selection will also be based on quality of services and facilities available, balanced against the cost.

Some other expectations required from the venue that will host the bid-winner include high quality of food standard and a variety of dining rooms; depending on the hotel’s location and its facilities, the welcome reception and conference dinner might also be held there. Beyond this, it should be remembered that the style of the hotel or the convention centre should be appropriate for the event’s subject. In visual terms, the venue should not be too grand, but reasonably modern and not ostentatious.

However, it was also noted that there are usually (at least four-star) a few excellent hotels which offer the required services in large sittings. The venue and hotels selected should accommodate the International Conference on Inclusive Insurance, and in addition have sufficient extra room for the conference office, press conference, side meetings; and provide enough space for a minimum of 15 exhibition booths and tables, in addition to offering approximately 150 – 200 hotel rooms as a call-in contingency – meaning that participants book and pay for accommodation themselves.


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