Poll: 70% African Businesses expect revenues to decline 10% in May

A live poll conducted by Africa.com as part of its webinar series has revealed that nearly 70% of African business leaders expect their business revenue to decrease by more than 10% next month.

The webinar series was on Crisis Management for African Business Leaders.

The poll also revealed that 47% of the business leaders expect their revenue to decrease by more than 25% next month.

24% indicated that they expect revenues to decrease by more than 50% next month.

Only 20% indicated that they expect revenue to remain the same or increase.
Approximately 1,500 business leaders participated in the poll.

Participants came from 41 countries across the African continent, with the largest representation coming from Nigeria, followed by South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Ethiopia.

60% of the participants have one of the following titles: CEO, Managing Director, President, Principal, Partner, CFO, Chair, Chief, Director, Executive Director, Group Head, General Manager, or Manager.

 Of the remaining 40%, the leading titles are analyst and consultant.

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