Stocks under review _Agricultural Development Bank (ADB)

Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) Limited is a universal bank offering a full range of banking products and services in Consumer, Corporate, Parastatals/Public Sector, SME, Agriculture, Trade and E-Banking services. Its business focus is universal banking with a developmental focus on Agriculture and more.

ADB was established by Act 286 in 1965 as the Agricultural Credit and Cooperative Bank after Bank of Ghana set up a Rural Credit Department to prepare the necessary legislation, plans and procedures for the establishment of a specialized bank for the provision and administration of credit and other banking facilities in the agricultural sector in 1964. In 1967, The National Liberation Council (NLC Decree 182) changed the name of the Bank from the Agricultural Credit and Cooperative Bank to the Agricultural Development Bank and amended key sections of the original Act 286. By 1990, the Bank became more diversified and added international banking and trade services to its growing product portfolio.

The Bank obtained the Universal Banking license and broadened its bouquet of services offerings in 2014. The bank underwent a restructuring programme to reposition itself by balancing market orientation with a development focus on Agriculture and more in 2009.

The Bank won the coveted Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIMG) Bank of the Year Award twice on the trot in 2010 and 2011 and more than a dozen international silverwares, prominent amongst them, the International Star Award for Quality. The Bank’s Continental ranking rose 24 places amongst Africa’s prestigious commercial banks in 2011.

The bank currently has 78 branches across the country, offering financial support to individuals and institutions especially those in the agricultural sector.

The Bank successfully listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) on December 20, 2016 after the successful completion of its initial Public Offer (IPO) with an offer of 144,797,734 ordinary shares of no par value at GHS 2.65 per share in order to raise GHS 383,713,995.10 but was able to raise GHS 325,784,952.70 representing 84.90% of the expected amount.

The new ownership structure of the bank is; Financial Investment Trust (60.50%), Government of Ghana (32.30%) and Retail investors and ADB staff (7.20%).

ADB lowest share trading price is GHS 2.65 while its highest trading price is GHS 5.95.

Per the bank’s audited financial statement for 2019, the bank made a profit of GHS 14,823,000 as compared to GHS 5,908,000 in 2018. Earnings per share also stood at 5.7 pesewas in 2019 and 2.56 pesewas in 2018.

The bank’s Non-performing loans to gross income stood at 41.72% with Capital adequacy ratio of 16.45% and a liquidity ratio of 144.98% compared to the previous year of 135.24%.

Currently, it shares goes for GHS 5.06 as at May 28, 2020.

Innocent Owusu


Sources: Agricultural Development Bank, GSE

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