Banks are not listening to us – Peasant Farmers

The Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana (PFAG) has appealed to the government to assist them to secure credit facilities from the banks to enable them to carry out their activities in the midst of the COVID-19.

The Head of Programs and Advocacy for the Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana, Charles Nyaaba, said the banks are refusing to listen to them whenever they go for loans.

“It will be useful if the government could get us inputs like fertilizer or seeds to produce and payback. They could also connect us to the banks for credit at reasonable interest rates,” he said.

He added: “We are pleading with them to pay heed to our pleas. Usually, they don’t listen to our calls. They tell us the banks will support us. But when we go to the banks, they will also not listen to us. We need the government to direct the banks to ensure full compliance from them.”

Regarding rice farmers whose farms were ravaged by bush fires, he said the government has neglected the farmers who were victims of the incident.

“Most rice farms were burnt, I personally lost 55 acres of rice fields. We had several engagements with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and they agreed to compensate the farmers who lost our rice farms so that we will be able to farm this year,’ he told Citi FM.


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