Tackle corruption effectively – Dalex Finance CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of Dalex Finance, Mr Ken Thompson has asked the government to deal with the increasing rate of corruption in the country.

He said this will enable the government to raise the revenue that would have gone into wrong pockets, for the needed development of the country especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Thompson told Alfred Ocansey on the Sunrise show on 3 91.7FM Wednesday, July 1 that “these are unprecedented times and we have to take unprecedented actions.”

He was contributing to a discussion regarding how the government can raise revenue to support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said: “We really need to start to look at how to address the issues and how to help the people that are most vulnerable in our society.

“The government has a huge role to pay because the government is in the position to be able to mobilize resources to direct how we behave. The government is all of us and we have to keep talking until we do the right things.

“We have to reset and the resetting involves widening the tax net, the resetting is how do I get people producing things locally? We have to talk about that because if even 500millon dollars or 2bn is done locally, it creates opportunities for all of us.”

He added: “Underlining all these is we have got to deal with corruption. There must be incentives to do the right things and if you do the wrong thing you must be punished for it. These are unprecedented times and we have got to take unprecedented actions.”

Source: laudbusiness.com

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