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If ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, then the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has forced many around the world to rethink their daily lives from work to school to entertainment. In response to travel bans, school closures, and recommendations on social gatherings, protocols and social distancing which are all targeted at limiting the spread of the virus, many people and organizations have turned to digitization to maintain and continue with their normal individual and business lives.

To this extent, ADB is no different & has adapted quickly to this dramatic change. ADB continues to closely monitor this developing COVID 19 situation, and we have comprehensive contingency plans in place designed to address potential impacts of the coronavirus. In summary the following developments have taken place to enhance the uptake of digital channels during this era:

  1. Constant engagements(daily/weekly) on our social media handles like LinkedIn, Facebook etc on ways to bank with ADB safely without walking to the bank as well as mass media
  2. Constant reminders(daily/weekly) to clients on the need to watch for pranks/scams purporting to offer education yet steal customer sensitive data via social media, text messages & email blasts
  3. The Bank upgraded its USSD app to allow for self- service registration for new subscribers as well as allow account –to- mobile money linkage
  4. The Bank waived some charges on mobile money & GhIPSS transfers as directed by GhIPSS/BOG
  5. ADB also proactively increased Visa card limits on ATMs to GHS3000 to push traffic to our terminals & allow for social distancing in banking halls
  6. Work was done to ensure that both USSD & mobile app uptime was high to allow for more electronic transactions, less cash

ADB has the following digital Channels/Platforms for the use of both Individuals, SMEs & Corporates Institutions:


  • For Individuals/Sole Proprietors Customers:
  1. The ADB mobile app or USSD*767# to do bill payments, top up airtime, transfer funds via GIP, send Momo
  2. Use our internet banking to do payments within the ADB network
  3. Use ADBs contactless Visa debit & Visa pre-paid cards to do ATM, online & POS transactions
  • For our Corporate/Commercial Banking Customers have options via our:
  1. Bulk payments platform for third party/mass payments to MoMo wallets OR bank accounts
  2. Visa pre-paid cards for online, POS & ATM transactions OR for per diem, imprest, allowance etc payments
  3. E-zwich for allowance payments


  • For Individuals/Sole Proprietors can use our:
  1. MoMo wallets via the ADB mobile app/USSD*767#
  2. Receive money via your bank account with ADB via GIP, swift or GIS
  3. Use the ADB hybrid/contactless POS terminals
  • For our Corporate/Commercial banking Customers they have options via:
    1. Receive money via your bank account with ADB via GIP, swift or GIS
    2. Use the ADB hybrid/contactless POS terminals
    3. Web acquiring/e-commerce service that accepts Visa cards & MoMo
    4. ACH Direct debit
    5. MoMo wallets

The unpredictability of the spread of this virus or its overall impact does not alter our focus on continuing to serve our Customers and Employees under the best safety protocols.

ADB, truly agric & more!


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