New way to bank the Stanbic Way.

Digitisation is helping to significantly reduce footfall especially in offices providing essential services. Over the past decade, banks across the world have invested heavily in their digital platforms to ensure the provision of seamless services for its various propositions. The aim of this is to make banking activities, which can sometimes be arduous, easy and convenient for clients and customers.

For Stanbic Bank Ghana, this drive has been taken to previously unimaginable levels of the total transformation of ATM services in such way that it does not only provide 24-hour services but also provide basic banking services and other value-added services. Stanbic Bank ATMs across the country have been enhanced to allow customers with multiple accounts to transfer money between their accounts as well.

For those who work with large sums of money on a daily basis, a Stanbic Bank ATM makes it possible for them to make withdrawals of up to GH¢10,000 in a day. This has been done to ensure that bulk cash customers can have access to their funds without visiting a physical bank branch. Also, cash deposits, which used to be a function of physical branches can now be done at any Stanbic Bank ATM. If a customer needs to deposit money into an account, all he/she needs to do now is to locate a Stanbic Bank ATM and deposit with relative ease without having to join queues which are typical of physical branches.

Misplacing or forgetting bank cards at home happens to the best of us and sometimes this makes life difficult especially in instances when you need urgent cash and your card is nowhere to be found. The situation can be very uncomfortable and the cost can be dire when what the money is needed for involves either enhancing the quality of human lives or saving it. For people who have ever found themselves in such situations, Stanbic Bank now has an innovative way out. It is now possible to withdraw money from any Stanbic Bank ATM even without card.

For customers whose card securities have been compromised, Stanbic ATMs provides an opportunity for them to change their personal identification numbers (PIN) without having to visit a physical branch. The change is instant and provides customers with ease of access since Stanbic ATMs can be found across the country. Customers with mobile money accounts can also withdraw from the wallets at Stanbic ATMs making have access to cash when there is a need for it but cannot have access to mobile money vendors, especially at night. With these value additions to Stanbic ATMs, why would you have the need to visit a physical branch?0Article Rating


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