Valentine is coming

Occasions like valentine has been characterized by financial burdens on young people who mostly are in school. Just so it is clear, valentine is defined as “an expression of an affection, especially romantic affection, usually in the form of greeting cards, gifts, or a message”.

A critical look at this definition reveals that valentine is a day of sharing love with someone you have affection for. And events like valentine should not be a world cup. Now the problem is that many romantic relationships have placed so much value on the gifts on valentine that it tends to eat into the finances of many young people. What is interesting is that anytime I meet my friends, mates, former play mates to talk, most of us end up complaining about past romantic relationships that we have really spent so much on which didn’t even work.

Do you know that just saving the little expense items will make you thousands of cedis in the future? All things being equal, a 100 cedis cut in expenses and invested in the stock market from start will be worth over Ghs 20,000 today.  While some will say it is very risky to invest in stocks, what most don’t know is that relationships are more risky than putting your money in the stock market. To make it simple, any investment in the stock market in the long run will definitely guarantee returns, but in relationships, there is no guarantee of you and your partner ending up together. Only a few relationships end up well, for most especially those in school, ends up in tears. So between the two, which is more risky?

 I have not seen anybody cry after five years of investing in the stock market but I have seen people cry after five years of being in a relationship.

During valentine, lots of young people really wish they are single, especially if your finances are not so good. It is very true money makes relationships romantic. What is not true is that, valentine is not love and love is not valentine so don’t fall for it. Having affection for someone is not a one day event, and you definitely should not make too big a deal out of it.

If you are married, it is okay to spread your wife. But if it is just a relationship and you are still in school, my friend, don’t spend more than Ghs 50. To avoid over spending, use gift cards and messages to express your affection either than gifts because the value of your gifts you present might not be appreciated.

Relationships are just too risky. So you can save your future some money and invest for it, spend wisely. Instead of spending so much, spend less and invest the rest and watch that money grow.

By Kenneth-Shine Adu

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