Ghana Card to be integrated into SSNIT system

The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) is set to accept Ghana Card from its new pension’s scheme applicants in the coming days. This, according to SSNIT forms part of its measures to streamline and improve its services.

SSNIT has also said already existing customers can also have their Ghana Cards integrated into the system.

In an interview with the Director-General of SSNIT, Dr John Ofori-Tenkorang, on Accra-based Citi News closely monitored by Ghanaweb, he said the move will help in advancing pensions scheme enrollment across the country.

“There is going to be data sharing from the National Identification Authority to us. We will basically make a one to one correspondence between your current SSNIT numbers and your Ghana Card number and that will be a fully seamless transition for those who have already submitted their Ghana Cards and SSNIT cards. For those who haven’t, we will through the electronic platform and in many ways reach out to you and tell you to give us your Ghana Card number, as well as your SSNIT number,” he said.

Last month the Ghana Revenue Authority stated that effective April 1, 2021, taxpayers will be required to use the Ghana Card Identification Number for tax purposes.

The Authority stated that this formed part of efforts to identify and rope in more eligible taxpayers, especially those in the informal sector and enable organizations to easily share important data with the Authority.

Dr. Ofori-Tenkorang further explained how SSNIT plans to roll out this process.

“We will get the requisite bio-data information from NIA, and then we tie it into our systems so that for existing members, you come and show us your Ghana Card, we swipe it and it automatically ties into your SSNIT account. For new members, when you come to us, you show us your Ghana Card and we swipe it to get your information from NIA and then in the background, we create a SSNIT account for you, and then you are ready to go.”

The Ghana Card which currently has over 15 million bearers is a biometric national identity card that is issued by the Ghanaian authorities to Ghanaian citizens – both resident and non-resident, and legally and permanently resident foreign nationals. It is proof of identity, citizenship and residence of the holder.


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