New MTN MoMO verification process disallows proxy withdrawals

o bring sanity to the space and curb Mobile Money (MoMo) fraud activities which are on the rise, MTN Ghana PLC, has introduced the use of ID card verification procedure for all cash withdrawal transactions from April 1, 2021.

According to MTN Ghana, this new arrangement does not permit proxy withdrawals, thus a third-party transaction where one person does the withdrawal on behalf of another person. However, if the person in question is critically ill and a medical report is available to verify, then the transaction can be processed with the presentation of the ID cards of both persons- that of whoever is doing the withdrawal and the account holder.

This directive is to ensure that fraudsters do not take advantage of such window to maneuver their way around the system.

Chief Executive Officer, Mobile Financial Services, MTN Ghana, Eli Hini, indicated that this new initiative is classified as industry best practice and is relevant in closing most of the loopholes employed by most of these fraudsters.

“ID Card type and number are now part of the MTN MoMo cash-out process, so clients are to present a valid ID card anytime they want to perform cash-out transactions. Pictures of ID Card on electronic devises like mobile phone or tablets are not allowed, likewise expired ID cards. Agents are to ensure the client presents physical ID card.

This process allows data to be readily available to address customer complaints and follow up on challenges that occurred during withdrawal transactions. We are also aware of concerns raised about missing ID cards and what kind of ID card will be accepted and to bring clarity, let me emphasized that Passport, Ghana card, SSNIT Card, Driver License, and Voter ID Card, are all recognized for this transaction,” he said.

Commenting on time factor and customer convenience, he stated that any new development comes with change in behaviour, so clearly, customers have to adjust to carry ID cards with them to perform transactions which is a new behaviour they need to adopt but it is for their own good.

Mr. Hini further indicated that the new initiative of presenting an ID card before any withdrawal transaction is due to experiences of the past and challenges that even agents faced whilst delivering services to clients who sometimes felt the agents were accomplice of the fraud activity.

He added that MTN expects agents to do the right thing based on the sensitization training they have been given. Nonetheless, the company will employ window shopping mechanisms to fish out agents who are not complying with the directive to the letter.


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