Stocks under review _ Pesewa ONE PLC (POP)

PESEWA ONE PLC is a Business Incubator

The Pesewa brand began with the establishment of Pesewa Global and Pesewa Investment Club in 2018, with the goal of investing in innovative young start-up firms. Pesewa ONE Plc has expanded from the Pesewa Investment Club, with fifty-five (55) start-up concepts and enterprises now incubated.

Pesewa ONE’s mission is to create global-ready Ghanaian enterprises. This informs the diverse range of firms that Pesewa ONE now incubates, including companies in technology, education, professional services, media, advertising, and finance industries.

Pesewa ONE’s business model entails taking a 30% stake in each of the incubator’s startups and receiving dividends if any of them succeed. When any of these firms are sold, Pesewa ONE enjoys capital gains. For the five years of a business’s existence, Pesewa ONE is also entitled to management fees for services offered.

Pesewa ONE PLC (POP), a business incubator is listed on the Ghana Alternative Market (GAX), a parallel market operated by the Ghana Stock Exchange on Wednesday, March 24, 2021.

With a stated capital of GH₵366,000.00, Pesewa ONE PLC has plans to issue five million ordinary shares priced of GH₵0.60 at a market capitalization of GH₵3m. The company has authorized ordinary shares of 10 million.

Pesewa ONE PLC has a six-member board of directors chaired by Franklin Owusu KariKari and the company is led by Dr. Prince Abbey (CEO).

Today, the company has a share price of GH₵0.65.

By Ibrahim Obeng Abubakar & Mariama Quarshie

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