Survey says all banks in the country except FBN Ghana receive negative sentiments from customers

Ghanaian research firm, Global InfoAnalytics in a survey, has noted that of all the 23 banks in the country with the exception of First Bank of Nigeria (FBN) Ghana, receive negative sentiments from customers.

The research firm in its third-quarter Banking Sector Brand Health Check report for this year, noted that all banks in its survey failed to secure a positive sentiment score of 2.1 to 3 points.

The majority of banks in the country per the survey and as noted by Global InfoAnalytics, scored between 0 to 1 point indicating negative sentiments from customers.

FBN Ghana, is the only bank to have performed a little better securing a score between 1.1 and 2.0 indicating that its customers have neutral sentiments towards the bank.

Brand sentiment, the research firm notes, conveys positive, negative, or neutral opinions in customers’ comments on brands.

Despite the negative sentiments towards banks in the country, in terms of customers’ loyalty to their banks, the research firm asserts that its survey found 82 percent of all banking customers being loyal to their banks with only 3 percent being disloyal.

Fifteen percent of banking customers are, however, neutral – neither loyal nor disloyal.

“For this quarter the survey found 82% of all banking customers being loyal to their brands compared to 78% for Q2, representing an increase of 4% over the quarter. Disloyal customers declined from 7% in the last quarter to 3% this quarter whilst customers who are neutral (neither loyal nor disloyal) remains the same at 15%,” said Global InfoAnalytics.

With regards to banks’ brand visibility, the report asserts that social media continues to be the most influential platform for brand visibility for banks with 38% of respondents backing up the claim.

Billboards ranked second in brand visibility with 17%, witnessing a 6% increase to Q2’s report. TV, Radio and newspapers come next with 17%, 12% and 11% respectively.

Source: norvanreports

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