With Lemonade Finance, Ghanaians in the U.K can send money home for free

Lemonade Finance, the trusted cross-border app that allows Africans abroad to send and receive money from their home country, is now available in the U.K. Starting today, Ghanaians in the U.K will be able to send money to their family or friends at home at the best rates on the market. The best part is that, unlike the existing money transfer services, Lemonade’s transfers are instant.

Before now, the Lemonade app was only available to Africans in North America. Despite the app being in beta, it has gained the trust of thousands of users and is now regarded as one of the most reliable ways to send and receive money from home. The Lemonade app also offers much more like letting users convert from one currency to another very quickly. This means Ghanaian users in the U.K can convert Pounds to Cedis at the click of a button.

Lemonade’s U.K launch caps a busy year for the startup, which recently announced its pre-seed funding raise of $725k. That came on the heels of its acceptance into the summer batch of Y Combinator’s startup accelerator program,.

The startup’s co-founder and CEO, Ridwan Olalere, told us, “We’re excited to open up the Lemonade app to Africans in the U.K. We know that the U.K is a popular destination for Ghanaians and that these new settlers have a hard time when they want to send and receive money from home. Our mission is to take this pain point away with the Lemonade app. We know that the money people send back home represents critical support for friends and family.”

Rian Cochran, the startup’s co-founder and CFO, added, “Sometimes, those monies are staff salaries for businesses they still have in Ghana. Knowing this detail about how Ghanaians abroad have businesses back home is crucial to making the Lemonade app stand out. We know that businesses rise and fall on cash flow, and it is why the Lemonade app delivers on the promise of instant transfers.”

You can now download the Lemonade app on Google Playstore and App store.

About Lemonade Finance:

Although the number of Africans living or travelling abroad increases each year, sending and receiving money to and from their home country remains expensive, inefficient and slow.

We’re changing that experience with Lemonade Finance, an app that makes it easy for you to support your family and business back at home within minutes. The Lemonade Finance app is the first digital bank for Africans abroad that allows you to hold securely, send and receive foreign and local currency.

Now you can send and receive money from your home country conveniently. You can also manage the complexity of running a business on two continents, moving money around for staff salaries or unexpected business expenses without having to wait for days. Sending money home should be faster than making lemonade.

Source: thebftonline.com

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