About Us

About The Finance Focus

The Finance Focus is a financial literacy Club.

The recent development in the Ghanaian financial market has raised a lot of concerns to the investing public. While some have doubts, others don’t know what their financial future will be like. In the wake of the ever-increasing financial scandals coupled with financial chaos and lack of confidence, financial education seems to be the best alternative solution to this problem.

Foundered in 2018 with the intentions of;

Helping the youth to understand financial concepts, financial products and financial services.

We do offer our services by speaking at seminars, unions, association and club meetings and mass outreach at any targeted location. We are more interested in the youth so our focus is on Universities and Colleges of Education, Nursing and Midwifery Colleges and other tertiary and professional development institutions as well as the Senior High Schools.

To provide our generation with financial education and empower them to become financially independent.

To become the leading financial literacy organisation in Ghana and beyond