The content presented in this Analyst Training is valid for educational purposes only. We show how to apply different techniques to problems in the financial market in Ghana. By no means should the information be considered an investment advice.


The Future of work is here. What skills are you developing for ‘Jobs after school? According the Future of work (Jobs of tomorrow) report by World Economic Forum, the demand for professionals with Data and AI skills will grow by 41% annually.

One objective of this training program is to provide some level of knowledge in the financial market and related topics to investing to participants. This will include financial products and services and some basic valuation concepts in modern finance. The use of software has become very relevant in recent times. As student leave school without having any technical skill, this program also seeks to provide some software skills and its application in the financial market (python, R, Excel, Power-bi….). Student will be exposed some relevant ethical and professional code of ethics in the market as well.

The topics covered in these lessons will help participants to have a good understanding of the financial market and its concepts. This will help participants to appreciate and understand the practicality of investing.


Students who are aspiring to be:

Data analyst

Investment analyst

Business Intelligence Analyst

Financial analyst

Research analyst

And any other role that requires the use of data and software like Python, R, Excel, Power Bi etc


Part I

Overview of financial markets

Investment vehicles

Introduction to python and excel

Introduction to Understanding financial statements

Introduction to Financial ratios and analysis

Part II

Business valuation basics

Introduction to Portfolio management with excel and python

Ethics and Trust in the Investment Profession

Investment research

The practicality of investing

Financial presentation and marketing


Software skills

Learn basics of finance and take a drive at Data Analytics, Financial Modeling and Data Science using Excel, python, Power-Bi…  

Earn a certificate for training

When you complete this students’ analyst Program, you’ll earn a verifiable certificate of achievement to share with prospective employers and your professional network.

Gain real work experience

This program exposes you to the key practical skills you need to succeed as a financial analyst, Investment Banking Professional, Accountant and a Finance Professional.


This training program enrolls you on a six(6) months internship as a Data Analyst where you will analyze industry data to investors to make informed decision.