The Finance Focus is one of a kind.  It offers young people the opportunity to have access to all financially related information to help them make informed financial decisions.

However, we have limited funds to keep us thriving for years to come, to preserve free, accessible Knowledge and information to our users and even expand to be able to provide for those beyond the scope of our focus.

In this case, we are asking for help. A donation of any size would help us reach our goal.

As we wish to continue growing, we hope you accept our request. We appreciate you, regardless of your situation to help, and we will continue to provide our services as is.

Thank you for taking time to read, we are grateful for your time and consideration.

Best wishes,

The Finance Focus Team.

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Mobile No: 0248556177

Name: Kenneth Adu

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Bank: GCB Bank

Account No: 3021010028984

Name: Kenneth Adu

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