Ecobank Transnational Inc. (ETI) is a pan-African banking conglomerate, with banking operations in 33 African countries. It is the leading independent regional banking group in West Africa and Central Africa, serving wholesale and retail customers. The company maintains subsidiaries in Eastern Africa and Southern Africa. ETI has representative offices in Angola, China, Dubai, France, South Africa and in the UK. In December 2011, Bank of Ghana gave approval for Ecobank to acquire 100% interest in The Trust Bank (TTB).

ETI was officially listed on the Ghanaian stock exchange on the 11th of September, 2006.

The shares of Ecobank Transnational Inc., the parent company of Ecobank, are traded on three West African stock exchanges, namely: the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE), the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE) and the BRVM stock exchange in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. As of December 2014, the ten largest shareholders in Ecobank Transnational were as follows:

Ecobank Transnational Inc Stock Ownership
RankName of OwnerPercentage Ownership
1Nedbank Group Limited20.7
2Qatar National Bank17.4
3Government Employees Pension Fund13.8
4IFC Capitalization (Equity) Fund, L.P5.4
5International Finance Corporation5.2
6Social Security and National Insurance Trust4.0
7IFC ALAC Holding Company II2.3
8JP Morgan Bank Luxemburg2.0
9Africa Capitalization Fund Ltd1.5
11Other Investors26.6