Mutual Funds Performance Tracker

Mutual Funds and Unit Trusts in Ghana ( Collective Investment Schemes)

FundsManagerYTD(%)YR 1 %Last Updated
Money Market Jan._2021
M_FundDatabank Assets Mgt+1.24%+18.15%
EdiFund_T1Databank Assets Mgt+1.25%+14.48%
Republic Unit TrustRepublic Investment Ghana Ltd+10.54%
SAS MIDAS FundSAS Investment Management Limited
SEM MONEY PLUS FundSEM Capital Advisors Limited
STANLIB Cash TrustStanbic Investment Mgt. Ltd+1.07%+16.81%
Fixed Income
EDC Fixed Income FundEDC Investment Ltd+1.14%+16.61%
Fidelity Fixed Income TrustFidelity Securities Limited+1.39%+18.89%
SEM INCOME FundSEM Capital Advisors Limited
STANLIB Income FundStanbic Investment Mgt. Ltd+1.25%+18.10%
Balanced Fund
B_FundDatabank Assets Mgt+1.80%+7.41%
EdiFund_T2Databank Assets Mgt+1.54%+11.91%
EDC Balanced FundEDC Investment Ltd+2.64%+4.0%
Fidelity Balanced TrustFidelity Securities Limited+2.42%+12.67%
Republic Future Plan TrustRepublic Investment Ghana Ltd+6.17%
Equity Funds
EpackDatabank Assets Mgt+1.05%-7.93%
Republic Equity TrustRepublic Investment Ghana Ltd+3.26%
SAS Fortune FundStrategic African Securities Ltd+ 3.21%+2.55%
SEM ALL AFRICA EQUITY FundSEM Capital Advisors Limited
Ethical Funds
Databank Ark Fund LimitedDatabank Assets Mgt+2.09%+8.43%
Real Estate Funds
Republic REITRepublic Investment Ghana Ltd+7.43%

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