PZ Cussons

PZ Cussons Ghana Limited is a major consumer goods manufacturer in Ghana which manufactures, distributes and sells electrical appliances and healthcare products such as soaps, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

The company was formed on May 24, 1958 and became one of the early companies that were first listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange in the early 1990s.

PZ Cussons Ghana Limited is a subsidiary of PZ Cussons (Holdings) Limited.

The company manufactures, distributes and sells soaps, cosmetics and over-the-counter pharmaceutical preparations (such as Drastin, Alagbin, Imperial Leather, and Venus) for export and also for local Ghanaian consumption.

The company operates in 4 categories: personal care, home care, food and nutrition and electrical appliances.
Personal care brands include Camel, Carex, Cussons Baby, Imperial Leather, Premier and Premier Cool and Robb.

Brands in the electrical appliance range include Thermocool; the nutritional range includes Nunu and the home care range includes Morning Fresh.