Republic Bank Ghana Limited (formerly HFC Bank Limited) is a commercial bank in Ghana, the nation’s leading mortgage provider.

The bank was incorporated on May 7, 1990 and commenced business the following year.

RBGH got listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange in March 1995. On November 17, 2003, Bank of Ghana issued the bank with a universal banking license which ensued in the company changing its name to HFC Bank (Ghana) Ltd.

The company is focused on 4 segments: consumer, mortgage, corporate and microfinance banking.

Mortgage banking services include home equity, home purchase or improvement mortgages and public-sector home schemes.

Investment banking services include asset management, financial advisory, brokerage and managed funds.

The commercial division offers a full-service product and service offering including home, education, executive and business loans and foreign trade and document processing services.

Private banking services include cash management, investment accounts, mortgage facilities and safe custody services.

Republic Bank (Ghana) Limited also provides foreign currency, institutional finance and electronic and mobile banking services.

These make Republic Bank the most diversified universal banking institution in the Ghanaian banking industry. In April 2018, the bank rebranded itself and changed its name to the current one to reflect the brand name of its parent company, Republic Financial Holdings Limited.